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Dustin Alexander

Game Master

When, Dustin was a kid he had dreams of being an adult. As an adult he dreams of being an adult, but finding outlets that still let him act like a kid. 

Playing table top games for most of his life, and spending most of his life now listening to podcasts, he thought, why not combine the two? A lover of taking long walks off short piers, good beer, good friend, good times. An eternal optimists at heart and a lover of all things fantastic. Dustin is ready to bring his skills as a player and DM to the masses, with the hope bringing smiles to some and death to the characters of the people he plays with. 

Abigail Lammel

Producer/PIPPA Locksley - Rogue

Abbie was born the bratty, dramatic child of two New York actors turned California theater professors and as such developed a love of melodrama, slapstick comedy, musicals and the sound of her own voice. She only got involved with tabletop RPG’s fairly recently in 2015 because her roommates at the time played (long, long into the night). Abbie was pretty skeptical at first when they plunked her down with the Player’s Handbook for a sci-fi RPG called Alternity, but as soon as she found out she could play a Space Elf with a blaster, mind control powers and a killer Diplomacy check she. Was. Hooked.

Abbie’s worked in radio for the past 4 years on a few local stations in her hometown (further inflating her sense of how great she sounds) and is eager to bring those skills to FWP. She still has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up, but in the meantime enjoys snuggling with her cat that is contractually bound to validate her in exchange for food. Please enjoy this picture, and please enjoy the show. 

Angel Espinoza


Angel was a quiet boy growing up. He was all about reading, drawing, and Sábado morning cartoons. As he grew up he added classical music, Kevin Sorbo, and origami to his list of interests. He joined the D&D familia after a good friend convinced him there was no way the Player’s Handbook could be used to summon el diablo. Now he can roll a multiclass Avariel Ranger/Cleric with the best of them while playing his Los Tigres del Norte/Rammstein/Jonathan Young playlist.

Jessica Negin

Menet Serbanea - Paladin

Jessica was born in Texas, raised in a number of different states, and gained full sentience in California 13 years ago. She’s bisexual, bilingual, and… bipedal (mostly). She spends most of her time playing video games she’s already beaten, laying around complaining about her auto-immune diseases, and doing weird projects at 3 am. She also likes to write sometimes but hasn’t released anything (yet). She’s basically a consummate hobbyist who can’t focus on one thing at a time. She started playing Pathfinder in 2009 and has been in and out of campaigns ever since. She keeps missing parts of the adventure paths she’s in, so she’s SUPER excited to be involved in a campaign she will be able to experience in full!

Logan Mayne-Rizzi

buwan - Summoner

Logan is originally from Marin County, CA but has been living in the Sacramento area for 10+ years with his husband and two cats. During his college years, he unsuccessfully tried several times to trick his friends and future partner into playing any form of TTRPG. Eventually, they succumbed, and he has been apart of several gaming groups over the years playing everything from  Pokémon Tabletop United and Tales From the Loop to Dungeons & Dragons, Starfinder, and of course Pathfinder. Behind the screen or rolling up a character, Logan takes inspirations from many of his pop culture obsessions such as X-Men, Rupaul’s Drag Race, Pokémon, JRPGs, Science Fiction, and much much more.

Kay O'Connor


Kay lives in Portland, OR with her partner Shannon and her equally nerdy roommate Sammye. They also cohabitate with a small dog and a neurotic hairless cat (who she’s kind of obsessed with). They live in a space brimming with books, table top games, and assorted artifacts brought home from comic book conventions. If asked, her friends would describe her as charming, witty, disturbingly outgoing, and kind of full of herself. Kay first encountered RPG’s quite a while back, but with her busy schedule it inevitably got pushed to the back burner. But she’s back with a vengeance now, and is prepared to bring her a-game.

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