Dustin Alexander

Episode 01 – This is How We Get Bandits – Remastered

Episode 1 of The Fantastic Worlds Podcast is here! Let’s meet our heroes: Pippa Locksley (Abbie), the bougie thief with a heart of gold, Abraxas Hillrunner (Angel), the socially-awkward winter druid, and Odessa Granade (Kay), the mysterious and sassy gunslinger and her living teddy bear Jim.

Our adventure starts in Taldor, but you’ll have to listen to find out where it leads! Join us as our heroes meet nobles, talk to guards with weird names (cough, cough Illin Orstag), and learn that they may be contending with the influence of Irrisen, the fabled land of everlasting winter.

Other happenings: Abraxas eats a lot of meat, Odessa scores with the blacksmith’s daughter, Pippa says “winter-touched” but it sounds like “wiener-touched,” and Dustin (AKA Game Dad) gets angry at the party for semi-breaking the fourth wall.

Ghost Processional Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Music and Sound by Syrinscape.
Because Epic games need Epic game sounds

The Fantastic Worlds Podcast is a Fantastic Pods production. We would like to thank Amy Hankenson for writing our wonderful theme song.

Dustin Alexander (@dustinalexander)
Abbie Lammel (@bonanzafamine)
Angel Espinoza (@espinoza916)
Kay O’Connor (@shesladymacbeth)

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Why I Game – Dustin Alexander

I will be forever grateful for the friends and family I have in my life. They are what keep me from going down the dark alley of depression, despair and bitterness which someone of my size can often find themselves falling into.

They really don’t know how big of an impact they make, and I don’t think I am great at telling them. But it is because of them that I want to succeed despite the what sometimes seems like insurmountable odds.

I am a flawed individual and if left to my own devices could succumb to my own indulgences. But I don’t. I constantly strive to improve, to be a better person, to take the high road, and to help those around me. Those are lessons I learned from the company I keep. Unbeknownst to them, they are constantly pushing me to do better and to pay it forward.

It is this some of these friends that you will be listening to each week, one who inspired me to finish my degree when I would have otherwise given up, one to be a friend when I was lonely and alone my first year of college, and one to constantly be a sounding board and geeky friend even though she lives 12 hours away.

I try to always be there for them because they have made me a better person in one way or another. They have trusted and loved me when I have not always loved myself, even when I felt I was at my worst or lowest point. It is because of that I will always try my best to be there for them when they need me. They have done more for me then they will ever realize.

Games are a way to bring my favorite people together and enjoy their company. It is a time I get to encourage them as much as they encourage me. It’s to challenge and compete and have fun and forget the things in our lives that may not be going as well.

Everytime I am lucky enough have a group of friends together I just like to take a step and try to capture the moment as best as possible. I realize that things can not get much better than this.

Games are fun, they inspire, teach strategy, create competition and camaraderie-ship, but best of all, they bring friends together. Some of my best memories are with friends or family playing games.

The Fantastic Worlds Podcast was built on the idea of having a group of friends come together and play a game. For me, the Fantastic Worlds Podcast is a chance to see the smiling faces of some of my favorite people each week. That is why I do this and this is why I love to play games.

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Episode 00 – Welcome to the Fantastic Worlds Podcast

It has been a century since the immortal witch Baba Yaga last visited the world, and the hour draws nigh for her return. But when she fails to appear in the frozen realm of Irrisen to usher in its newest ruler, pockets of winter begin to grow throughout the Inner Sea. After 1,400 years of perpetual winter, the icy curse of Irrisen is spreading! What links do these strange blizzards and swaths of wintry landscapes have with Irrisen, and is there any truth to the growing rumors that the Witch Queen Elvanna has taken full control of the realm? Can her plans for the Inner Sea be thwarted, or will the Reign of Winter engulf the world?

Join us every Wednesday as we explore this fantastic world full of adventure, mystery, and magic. The Fantastic Worlds Podcast begins with three episodes released on August 22nd and new episodes every Wednesday thereafter.

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