Why I Game – Logan Mayne-Rizzi

My first memory of gaming is falling asleep in bed as I watched my grandma beat Tetris on the NES.

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Red Dead Redemption 2: A Lament for Thick Arthur

My experience with this game was, overall, heartbreaking. I loved it to bits, let’s establish that now, but I’m still apt to get a bit weepy if I talk...

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True Friendship and the Acquisition of a Small Gremlin

I think for anyone whose spent more than five minutes in my presence or has listened to our podcast knows how much I love my cat. For those of...

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Hellraiser Judgement

Jess: I’m a horror fan, and I mean pretty much any kind of horror. I also happen to have a big soft spot for the Hellraiser series.

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Co-Host Love Letter: Angel

Abbie's Edition of co-host love letters! Ft. Angel #worldstraveler #FWP #FWPloveletters

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My Gamer Niños

Years before the podcast, these kids were truly living the “story first, math second” life. I learned more from these young #worldstravelers in one Christmas break than a whole...

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