Episode 06 – Dead Mans Party

We jump back into the battle that seems like it will never end with our brave heroes battling zombies (that Dustin named after Abbie, Angel, and Kay’s significant others/family for “fun”) and Rokar in the High Sentinel Lodge. When suddenly a mysterious stranger appears. Will this person be a friend or foe? Will Odessa find...

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Episode 07 – Three Meetings and a Council Briefing

It’s time for “first day of school” icebreakers… Pathfinder style! Each of our original cast of heroes spends some quality time with their potential new companion, and we see what she’s made of. Listen as Pippa plays a risky game with Menet’s caravanning friends, Abraxas teaches the paladin to paint with all the colors of...

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Episode 08 – Glazed and Confused

If last episodes RP adventures weren’t enough for you, this week we dive deeper into our hero’s mind and souls. Or more like their surface level stuff, come on guys it’s only episode 8, we’ve gotta keep it interesting later on too. Tune in to hear our intrepid adventurers have what might be called a...

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Episode 09 – W.O.U.S…I don’t think they exist

It’s back to the battlefield for our band of heroes, and surprise, surprise – there’re skellies on the horizon! Will the gang make it past the rough weather and nasty skeleton drippings to find what they seek? Or will the cold grip of winter stop them in their tracks? Listen in to find out!  Music...

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Episode 10 – Evil Trees and Strange Fluids

Friends, you are not ready for this one. Join our cast and our heroes as they traverse through some creepifying forest. Who will get sticky? Who will get bloody? Who knows?! Sit down, grab a drink, and hold onto your seats. Music and Sound by Syrinscape. https://store.syrinscape.com/what-is-syrinscape/?att Because Epic games need Epic game sounds The...

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Episode 11 – All Haunt and No Play Make Thora a Doll Girl

We’re talking bonds, leveling up, and creepy chicken-leg huts this week! The heroes have reached level 3, and BOY do they need it. Highlights: Pippa unveils some amazing new powers, Odessa has a rare moment of vulnerability, Abraxas overcomes some of his childhood fears, and Menet smells all the evil. Music and Sound by Syrinscape....

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