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The Fantastic Worlds Podcast takes five friends with overactive imaginations and brings them together to play Pathfinder. With a cast that’s roughly 60% queer you can bet we are as inclusive as our Adventure Path is cold. We strive to creating an actual play podcast focusing on story first, math second. The characters are nuanced, their relationships are complex, and the stakes are high as they travel lands unknown and conquer mighty foes.

We endeavor to create and engage a fantastic community, weaving a story that is not driven only by the written page but the improvised ingenuity of its cast of characters and the luck of their dice rolls. Come for the compelling story, stay for the bitter fights and playful banter.

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Episode 26 – Quoth the Raven, Seduce Me More

As the murder spree continues our intrepid heroes persevere, but at what cost? Who knew cookies could cause so much trouble. To continue the trend of evil food, the...

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Episode 25 – Five Second Rule

Battles, battles everywhere. The crew continues to fight their way forward in the Pale Tower, finding more and nastier surprises as they go. Moral conundrums, ugly in-fighting, and intense...

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Episode 24 – Short Order

Making our way upstairs, walking fast, faces pass as they fall down (dead). At the sudden appearance of a familiar face, the team is faced with yet another battle...

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Episode 23 – Tall Order

After taking down not one, but TWO big nasties, the crew gets a much-needed break and gets some important talkin’ done. Plus, they level up!  You’ll get no spoilers...

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Episode 22 – Eating Crow

Team Torta makes a new friend. Odessa goes through a magical girl transformation. The group gets trolled in more ways than one. Music and Sound by Syrinscape. Because...

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Episode 21 – Hatched Plot

This week, the crew settles the score with “macho man” Volan Sertane, and assure the townsfolk of Waldsby that they can handle the witches who sent him. With every...

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Dungeon Master

Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

Pippa Locksley - Thief

#1: Keep your lies consistent. #2: Anything worth doing is worth doing for money. #3: Dignity and an empty sack is worth…the sack. #4: Never confuse wisdom with luck.

Abraxas Hillrunner - Druid

My bite is way worse than my bark.

Odessa Grenadé - Gunslinger

Just stay down, I’m not nice. You won’t like it if I shoot you twice.

Jess 6
Menet Serbanea - Paladin

Let your wits be sharper than your enemy’s sword.

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