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The Fantastic Worlds Podcast takes five friends with overactive imaginations and brings them together to play Pathfinder. With a cast that’s roughly 60% queer you can bet we are as inclusive as our Adventure Path is cold. We strive to create an actual play podcast focusing on story first, math second. The characters are nuanced, their relationships are complex, and the stakes are high as they travel lands unknown and conquer mighty foes.

We endeavor to create and engage a fantastic community, weaving a story that is not driven only by the written page but the improvised ingenuity of its cast of characters and the luck of their dice rolls. Come for the compelling story, stay for the bitter fights and playful banter.

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Episode 66 – Only YOU!

A book three starts now The hut they are now inside What is in the room

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Episode 65 – We’re Boned

This is it: the gang is facing their first challenge inside the hut!

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Episode 64 – Alas Poor Grandma

The Hut is Here Now Should We Go Inside To See I Do Not Want Death

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Episode 63 – Three Other Me’s

The crew is finally facing a foe they’ve been itching to take down since the Pale Tower. Join us this week as the battle for Baba Yaga’s hut begins!

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Episode 62 – Piper Down

With little resources left #teamtorta fights for their lives.

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Episode 61 – Party Foul

Buff babes with fangs? A bacchanal in the woods? Killer loot? Sounds like a blast, but as usual, our heroes find a way to have a bad time.

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Dungeon Master

Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

Pippa Locksley - Thief

#1: Keep your lies consistent. #2: Anything worth doing is worth doing for money. #3: Dignity and an empty sack is worth…the sack. #4: Never confuse wisdom with luck.

Abraxas Hillrunner - Druid

My bite is way worse than my bark.

Jess 6
Menet Serbanea - Paladin

Let your wits be sharper than your enemy’s sword.

Buwan - Summoner

Know what is right, but know when to change

Odessa Grenadé - Gunslinger

Just stay down, I’m not nice. You won’t like it if I shoot you twice.

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