Episode 14 – Teddy Bear Function – Remastered

Creepy trees strike again! But this time the hits will be bigger and beefier. Up against Menet’s strength, Pippa’s cunning, Abraxas’ knowledge, and Odessa’s blasts, will this bark covered moldy weirdo get the best of them? Or will our heroes prevail? Who knows? Maybe we should ask Jim! If you enjoy the show, help us…

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Episode 13 – Moss Ado About Knotting – Remastered

This week, the crew finds a cute little igloo village! And quickly turns it into a battlefield. What could possibly be lurking in such an innocuous-seeming place? And what sort of inventive and strange strategies will our heroes employ to overcome their enemies? If you enjoy the show, help us out by joining our Patreon at…

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Why I Game – Kailey O’Connor

There’s something magical about slipping out of your skin and into another. Allowing your surroundings to slip away as you submerge yourself in a place far far away. The homework, the chores, and the stress of the day fade away like dust motes in the air as you draw your sword, pick up your ax,…

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