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Welcome to Fairy Tale Fix! A WTF fairy tale podcast for adults hosted by Abbie Lammel and Kelsey Horne. Join them every other Tuesday as they tell each other epic, dark, and hilarious fairy and folk tales from around the world, and help them give these stories their correct happily-ever-afters. 

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young maiden with a face so fair and voice so eloquent no one could help but adore her. And, oh ho! Did she have a friend! But unbeknownst to the maiden, her good friend was a witch. 

They spent long days together in their youth, sipping wine and drinking ale at their local taverns while telling each other stories of other beautiful maidens and evil witches and helpful dragons and cats who are actually trolls, all while drunkenly laughing to each other about such wonderful tales, and how they could be fixed for the modern ear. Thus, Fairy Tale Fix Podcast was born.

On this page you’ll find a predictions scoreboard, where the hosts occasionally keep track of which of them is in the lead with foretelling how a story will go, information on how to subscribe, and the full backlog of episodes. 

Thank you so much for listening! 

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How to listen to Fairy Tale Fix

Stream or download episodes directly from our website, or listen via your favorite podcast app! Don’t forget to leave us a rating and review.

Most recent episodes

61: You Know Your 7-Year-Olds

It’s the end of Irish fairy tale month, and we’ve got some good ones! Abbie reads a short story just for Kelsey called The Talking Cat, then follows it up with another story just for Kelsey, The Giant’s Stairs. Kelsey gets spooky and reads a tale from the banshee section

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60: Right Place, Right Time, Every Time

It’s March and that means Irish fairy tales ALL MONTH LONG! Kelsey kicks us off with Ethna The Bride, a tale about a man who will hire other people to do ANYTHING for love while he watches. Then Abbie reads The Brewery of Eggshells, which is somehow creepy AND light-hearted

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59: Gone Catfishin’

A skull from the spirit world catfishes the hottest, vainest girl in Cobham Town, Nigeria in Abbie’s story this week: The Disobedient Daughter Who Married a Skull. Kelsey tells a tale from Ghana called Friends For a Time we discover why humans and lions aren’t friends anymore, followed up by

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58: Murder Ballad ft. Textual Tension

It’s Valentine’s Day – do you need a break from the gooey romantic vibes? Rachel and Margie from Textual Tension come on the pod to share a 1700s murder ballad (The Twa Sisters, or Bonne Swans), and the Japanese fairy tale that was the inspiration for an InuYasha villain (The

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57: No Chicken For You!

Foxy Prince Peterlin makes the most of his pretty privilege with the help of a thirsty granny giant in Kelsey’s story this week: The Three Golden Hairs of the King of the Cave Giants! Abbie follows up with the tale of a highly relatable man who just wants to eat

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56: God Dammit Susan

We’re here for satisfaction ONLY on this episode of Fairy Tale Fix. In pursuit of a magical horse story that actually contains a magical horse Abbie tells the Russian folktale The Straw Horse. Kelsey follows up with The Witches on the Lake, from Scotland, and while the end of the

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