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Fantastic Worlds Productions is a fantasy and science-fiction focused podcast network and production team whose mission is to create interesting, nuanced, and thoughtful entertainment about the subjects we love most – while maintaining a pleasurable audio experience.

Each week we seek to explore the fantastic worlds that surround us. Whether that is utilizing the rules of the Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game to create an audio drama journey through the frozen wilds in search of Baba Yaga, to telling old stories and figuring out how to fix them for a modern audience, our team of hosts, editors, and writers brings all of their enthusiasm and nerdy skill to the forefront.  

The Fantastic Worlds Podcast and Fairy Tale Fix are audience supported and free to the public – just hit subscribe and enjoy!


Five friends come together to discover what ushers in this unnatural winter and the forces in-play threatening all of Golarian. Fantastic Worlds Podcast is an Actual Play using Paizo’s Pathfinder Reign of Winter Adventure Path

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