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Gay at the Table

fantasticworldspod June 18, 2021

As the Fantastic Worlds Team celebrates Pride, we want to reflect a little on what having this avenue for expressing our queerness (and allyship) has meant to all of us in our tabletop gaming experiences. It’s been fun, it’s been transformative, it’s been a refuge, and it’s important to us […]

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Friday Francisco – Level 1

fantasticworldspod April 28, 2021

Friday grew up in a rural farming planet, Triaxas being the closest planet, only then he was able to go to the “big city planet” a few times in his youth. Friday dreamed of exploring the stars with his best friend and confidant, his sister Tuesday, but as an adult […]

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Ballad Serenade (Tetra 9) – Level 1

fantasticworldspod April 14, 2021

Whatever your preconceptions are about androids, throw them out the window before you meet Ballad Serenade. She’s rough and rowdy, fun-loving and fashion-forward, sexy and silly, kind and carefree. They’re a one-of-a-kind construct, and they’re here for a good time and a long time. She doesn’t know where, for what, […]

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Why I Game – Heidi Owens

fantasticworldspod April 12, 2021

Why do I game? There is a very straightforward answer: I like the escape  that gaming offers. As someone who moved around a lot as a kid I was often anxious and had a hard time making friends because of the constant fear that I would have to leave those […]

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Seren Casurus – Level 1

fantasticworldspod April 6, 2021

A descendant of elementals born on a planet battered by violent elemental storms. Seren has been on the run for as long as xhe can remember with only xer trusty JamBot by xer side. After finding a home with the Calamity crew, Seren’s past has finally caught up with xer. […]

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