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Why I Game – Abigail Lammel

Abbie Lammel August 21, 2018

Short answer: I’ve always been a daydreamer. I’m a sucker for drama. And dragons. And aliens. Longer answer: Sometimes functioning in the “real world” is an exhausting blur of work, bills, dentist appointments, and other mundane tasks or obligations. Roleplaying games let me disappear into a different place and become […]

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Why I Game – Dustin Alexander

Dustin Alexander August 21, 2018

I will be forever grateful for the friends and family I have in my life. They are what keep me from going down the dark alley of depression, despair and bitterness which someone of my size can often find themselves falling into. They really don’t know how big of an […]

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Odessa Grenadé – Level 1

Kay O'Connor August 14, 2018

Odessa Grenadé Odessa was raised mostly by her doting father in Absalom where her father was a world renowned blacksmith. Growing up she lived a pretty charmed life. It wasn’t until she hit her teens that things went sideways. A sudden tragedy caused Odessa to flee her home and leave […]

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Pippa Locksley – Level 1

Abbie Lammel August 14, 2018

Pippa Locksley Pippa Locksley was born the youngest daughter of two innkeepers in Northern Taldor. She’s 35 years old and the “mom” friend. She isn’t overly fond of camping, but loves to travel. She’s a bit vain, very prideful and curious to a fault. She’s more of a con artist […]

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Abraxas Hillrunner – Level 1

Angel Espinoza August 14, 2018

Abraxas Hillrunner Much of his childhood was spent in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Therefore, he was more than thrilled when he heard and answered the call to serve the natural world. Since then he has traveled far from his homeland and his beloved family. Abraxas revels in travel and […]

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