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The Greatest Show on Earth

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The Ringmaster Is Dead, What Do We Do?

Come one, come all! See how humble performers, thrust on to the world stage become reluctant leaders of the Circus of Wayward Wonders all due to that most wicked of schemes — sudden tragedy. Listen as these heroes rise to the occasion and lead their motley band of performers and roustabouts around the glittering Isle of Kortos, breeding grounds of equal part mystery and misery! But watch out heroes! Gasp in shock and awe as a sinister plot to exterminate life from the Starstone Isle threatens to blight the land and extinguish the shining light that is our heroes’ very livelihood! The dead god Aroden, seemingly vanished but never forgotten, rises up through his legacy that lives on as those that he fought against! Be transfixed in terror as old enemies, bitter beasts lie imbued with frightening might seek to destroy the wonders Aroden raised from the sea! Lights hit the stage! The curtain is drawn! Spectacle meets savagery as our heroes race against an unknown ticking clock! Time waits for no one, and no one can waste any time when it comes to our heroes’ task: stop the Extinction Curse!

Join us as we put on the performance of a lifetime and explore an all-new Golarion as part of a fledgling traveling circus. Battles will be thrilling! Stunts will be awe-inspiring! The plot will be thicker than ever! 

So come join us, won’t you? Prepare to be amazed, be aghast, be chilled, thrilled, and filled with glee by The Greatest Show on Earth! We will be releasing our first two episodes in our fantastic worlds stream and then future episodes will be posted every three weeks on Patreon! 

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