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Pippa Locksley – Level 4

fantasticworldspod March 7, 2019

Art by: corpsecutie on instagram, erikathegoober on instagram, arabird_art on instagram Pippa Locksley Pippa Locksley was born the youngest daughter of two innkeepers in Northern Taldor. She’s 35 years old and the “mom” friend. She isn’t overly fond of camping, but loves to travel. She’s a bit vain, very prideful […]

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Odessa Grenadé – Level 4

fantasticworldspod March 5, 2019

Artists: Corpsecutie on Instagram, maidfetish on Instagram, animositi on Instagram, Odessa Grenadé Odessa was raised mostly by her doting father in Absalom where her father was a world renowned blacksmith. Growing up she lived a pretty charmed life. It wasn’t until she hit her teens that things went sideways. A […]

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Menet Serbana – Level 4

fantasticworldspod February 28, 2019

Previous Next Artists featured: yeez_art on instagram, animositi on instagram Menet Serbanea Menet is a half-Garundi, half-Varisian woman who has spent half of her life in Osirion, and half traveling with a Varisian caravan. As a working class child in Osirion, she learned of Khepri, who she worshipped devotedly from the […]

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