Why I Game – Logan Mayne-Rizzi

My first memory of gaming is falling asleep in bed as I watched my grandma beat Tetris on the NES.

Red Dead Redemption 2: A Lament for Thick Arthur

My experience with this game was, overall, heartbreaking. I loved it to bits, let’s establish that now, but I’m still apt to get a bit weepy if I talk about Arthur for too long. I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but the pretty major one, and one that no one will be surprised about if they’ve played the first Red Dead, pretty much has to be laid out.

True Friendship and the Acquisition of a Small Gremlin

I think for anyone whose spent more than five minutes in my presence or has listened to our podcast knows how much I love my cat. For those of you who are new here, her name is Muta and she’s a sphinx cat

Hellraiser Judgement

Jess: I’m a horror fan, and I mean pretty much any kind of horror. I also happen to have a big soft spot for the Hellraiser series.

Co-Host Love Letter: Angel

Abbie’s Edition of co-host love letters! Ft. Angel
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