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Co-Host Love Letter: Angel

Abbie’s Edition of co-host love letters! Ft. Angel
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Co-Host Love Letter: Jess

Abbie’s Edition of co-host love letters! Ft. Jess
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Co-Host Love Letter: Dustin

Abbie’s Edition of co-host love letters! Ft. Dustin
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Labeling the Container

Dustin and I went and got tattoos together in July (pictured above) and no lie, that was easily the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done. Yes, I’m including starting an actual play Pathfinder podcast with my friends online in my estimation of that. We both got watercolor D20 tattoos and, to complete the look, I had our artist add my adorable cat, Thor, to mine.

We were discussing tattoos and identity and why people choose what they choose and Jackie Rabbit (our amazing artist) said that she heard one of her other clients refer to tattooing as “labeling the container.” That statement hit me hard as such an accurate representation of what body modification can be – taking the physical body that was made for us completely beyond our control and marking it with what we know to be true of ourselves on the inside so we are better reflected and better known.

So here’s how I’ve labeled myself so far: a lover of games and my cat, a devoted sister, an anthropologist, a playful if easily distracted friend, a hoarder of knowledge and sparkly items and a fantasy superfan. I also have a #basicbitch tattoo of a flock of crows representing…something about…my wrist looking cooler with that tattoo on it, because your tattoos don’t have to have any further meaning beyond you liking how it looks. Who knows what else I’ll add as I continue to develop as a person but one thing is certain: I am getting SO MANY MORE – I have a lot of unlabeled space left.

P.S. if you want a good tattoo Instagram account to follow check out Jackie’s (@jackie_rabbit) – she does the neatest fantasy/horror/gothic art and her feed is a delight. Show yours off too, tag us on Twitter or whatever, I love seeing everyone’s ink!

Finding Inspiration. Creating Pippa.

(Pictured) Natalie Dormer
Photo Credit: Doane Gregory
© Touchstone Pictures, All rights Reserved

When we started dreaming up what we wanted to do for this podcast, I was pretty sure right away that I either wanted to go Wizard or Rogue. Honestly I was leaning more toward wizard, BUT I was scrolling through Netflix one fateful Sunday morning with nothing better to do than watch a movie and I stumbled on an old favorite: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. And my initial concept for a high class con-artist was born.

Originally I saw her as a (more) dishonest Carrie Bradshaw – witty, quick to anger, obsessed with shoes and a hater of the outdoors. Some of that survived (the shoes and the temper). She was going to be human, but since the rest of the party was turning up ostensibly human I wanted to mix it up a bit. Also, those Stealth bonuses for Halflings are no joke.  

Pippa didn’t have a name for the longest time. It was actually the last thing about her I decided on! I eventually landed on naming her after my all-time favorite “Halfling”, Peregrine “Pippin” Took from LOTR. There’s also a bit of a Pippi Longstocking sound to her name as well, which I also thought suited her. Her last name is shared with Robin Hood, for obvious reasons.

When I was creating her character, I honestly never envisioned her as someone so kind and committed to a general concept of good. She was going to have a pretty average moral compass for a thief – an every Halfling for herself kind of attitude. Dustin laid out an excellent argument for making her a good character, partially that it would be a more interesting choice for a thief – but also because I am a known villain sympathizer and playing a Good aligned person would be a fun challenge for me.

So far I’m having a blast with her! We’ll see how long I can keep her alive – the longer we can go without bumping into someone who needs our help against overwhelming odds the better. Or someone with lots of money that’s also smart enough to know Pippa’s not really a princess. 

P.S. She’s currently being played by Natalie Dormer. Don’t sue me Natalie, this is a great honor for you.