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Finding Inspiration. Creating Pippa.

Abbie Lammel August 28, 2018

When we started dreaming up what we wanted to do for this podcast, I was pretty sure right away that I either wanted to go Wizard or Rogue. Honestly I was leaning more toward wizard, BUT I was scrolling through Netflix one fateful Sunday morning with nothing better to do […]

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Odessa Grenadé – Level 1

Kay O'Connor August 14, 2018

Odessa Grenadé Odessa was raised mostly by her doting father in Absalom where her father was a world renowned blacksmith. Growing up she lived a pretty charmed life. It wasn’t until she hit her teens that things went sideways. A sudden tragedy caused Odessa to flee her home and leave […]

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Pippa Locksley – Level 1

Abbie Lammel August 14, 2018

Pippa Locksley Pippa Locksley was born the youngest daughter of two innkeepers in Northern Taldor. She’s 35 years old and the “mom” friend. She isn’t overly fond of camping, but loves to travel. She’s a bit vain, very prideful and curious to a fault. She’s more of a con artist […]

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