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PATREON PREVIEW: Making it Chill for the Working People

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Merman Rosmer & The Fisherman and The Merman and The Toad Bride

In this patreon preview, Kelsey reads some pure Danish nightmare fuel that somehow turns wholesome in Merman Rosmer by Ruth Manning-Sanders, and Abbie reads a poetic Scottish tale that had more potential in The Fisherman and The Merman and also reads The Toad Bride from the Turnip Princess.

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Fairy Tale Fix is performed and produced by:

Abbie Lammel (@bonanzafamine)
Kelsey Horne (@monsieurcheval)
Dustin Alexander (@dustinalexander)

In partnership with our Patreon producers:

Angel Espinoza
Elizabeth Masoud
Cynthia Lammel
William Johnson
Dami Schlobohm
Keilei MacInness
Caroline Donham
Melissa Buron
Rabia Sadiq
Gisselle Ingan

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