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Finding Inspiration. Creating Pippa.

Abbie Lammel August 28, 2018

When we started dreaming up what we wanted to do for this podcast, I was pretty sure right away that I either wanted to go Wizard or Rogue. Honestly I was leaning more toward wizard, BUT I was scrolling through Netflix one fateful Sunday morning with nothing better to do […]

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Why I Game – Angel Espinoza

Angel Espinoza August 21, 2018

I was all about Saturday morning cartoons. Regardless of what time I went to bed the night before, I would start my weekend ritual at the crack of dawn in order catch the first show of my line up. There was no doubt in my mind: I would grow to […]

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Why I Game – Abigail Lammel

Abbie Lammel August 21, 2018

Short answer: I’ve always been a daydreamer. I’m a sucker for drama. And dragons. And aliens. Longer answer: Sometimes functioning in the “real world” is an exhausting blur of work, bills, dentist appointments, and other mundane tasks or obligations. Roleplaying games let me disappear into a different place and become […]

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Why I Game – Dustin Alexander

Dustin Alexander August 21, 2018

I will be forever grateful for the friends and family I have in my life. They are what keep me from going down the dark alley of depression, despair and bitterness which someone of my size can often find themselves falling into. They really don’t know how big of an […]

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