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Fantastic Worlds Podcast
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Fantastic Worlds Podcast

Episode 16 – The Raven Himself is Raucous – Remastered

fantasticworldspod November 20, 2018

With our heroes finally in Irisen new dangers seem to lurk around every corner. Menet, Odessa, and Pippa all being new to their surroundings find their footing in this foreign landscape where Abraxas thrives. Swarmed by new information and people our heroes must stick together, through awkward conversations, and familiar […]

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Menet Serbana – Level 3

Dustin Alexander October 17, 2018

Menet Serbanea Menet is a half-Garundi, half-Varisian woman who has spent half of her life in Osirion, and half traveling with a Varisian caravan. As a working class child in Osirion, she learned of Khepri, who she worshipped devotedly from the moment she was given a choice. As a Paladin […]

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