Andromeda – Level 8

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Who is Andromeda? That’s very hard to say. She knows next to nothing about her own origins and even less about the world. Having grown up isolated in the Hoarwood Forest with a nearly mute caretaker unrelated to her by blood, Andromeda is as naive as she is mysterious. The two things she knows about herself – her age and her name – were supplied to her by the disembodied voices that follow her wherever she goes.

Artwork by the amazing Ara (arabird_art on Instagram)

Player: Jess Negin
Actor: Thando Hopa
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
Character Class: Oracle
Current Level: 7
Deity: Unknown
Homeland: Unknown
Race: Unknown

Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: Kuthona 1 4694 AR
Weight: 120 lb
Hair: White
Skin: Ash White

Character Sheet: 

Andromeda – Level 6
Andromeda – Level 7
Andromeda – Level 8

Alignment Statement:

All living creatures must survive, and so must I. Sometimes, unsightly things must be done in the name of living on…


To live is a precious gift, and one that must be cherished. If someone threatens her life, she will not hesitate to take theirs. 

Asking questions and learning about the world is one of life’s greatest pleasures and one she has not had much chance to express. She wants to find out everything she can about everything around her.


  • Group Bond –

     I need help. I kept convincing myself all this time that nothing was wrong, nothing was there, that I could handle everything alone, but the truth has come to grab me by the throat. I can’t face my demons alone. And though some things are too great, too overwhelming, too other to be truly known, I know that if anyone can help me find answers and put a stop to the spread of darkness inside of me, it’s the people I’m traveling with. 

  • I feel a strong kinship with Abraxas, and it seems he might feel the same with me. I hope I’m correct in assuming he’s taken me under his wing, and that we can continue to foster a strong bond of trust and friendship. I also hope this means he’ll be able to teach me some of his tricks, as we seem to be of a similar bent when it comes to magic.

  • Abraxas is a brilliant creature of legend, and I want to learn his secrets. 

  • Abraxas has finally become more friendly with me – I didn’t even realize the distance between us until it shortened. I fully intend to prove to him that I’m not a witch and that I can be trusted as a strong and worthy ally. 
  •  I admire Pippa’s strength and skill, but I’m starting to realize that even the most capable individuals need protection. I will not let her get hurt, no matter what. 

  • Pippa’s life is like something out of a fairytale. I will learn to become more like her so that I can experience the things she has. 
  • Pippa has been in near mortal danger several times now, and it scares me. I want to do everything in my power to protect her. 
  • Buwan may very well have changed my life – changed me. Since the moment we met, there has been a strange connection between us, and though at first, I wasn’t sure that it was positive, I see now that he has nothing but good intentions. I want to know him better, and I want to find a way to repay the kindness and aid he has extended towards me. 

  • Buwan and I have grown closer in just a few days I’ve known him, but I worry that Abraxas and Pippa don’t trust him. I’m also concerned about what that must mean. Should I mistrust him as well? Or should I follow my intuition? I want to continue to strengthen our relationship and find the answer for myself. 
  • Kuneho and I have some past connection, I know it. Putting aside Buwan, I can feel something there, and I think they can too. Whatever it is, it may not be good, considering my history. But I need to find out, one way or the other. I must know what happened between us.

Personal Bond:

  • I have acknowledged it, the thing whose soft touches can be felt in my every move. And in so doing, I fear I’ve exposed everyone around me to grave danger. Everything I’ve done to hold this power at bay – my attempts to deflect and ignore and live on while running away – has been for naught. It’s back in my life. And I realize now, that it was never truly gone, just because I refused to look it in the face. But now that I’ve flung wide the door, and chosen to grapple with it head-on, I realize that what I fear is not being swallowed whole, but being consumed from within. 
  • I’ve discovered the source of one of the voices that have guided me throughout my life – my grandmother. I’m saddened that I was unable to meet her when she was alive, but I’m so excited to have her traveling with me, even if it’s just her skull. I hope to find out more about myself by speaking with her further. 

Retired Bonds:

  • Pippa and Abraxas are skilled and knowledgeable. I should heed their advice, and learn how to approach battles from their perspective.
  • Redacted

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