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Ballad Serenade (Tetra 9) – Level 1

fantasticworldspod April 14, 2021 301

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Art by arabird_art on instagram

Ballad Serenade (Tetra 9)

Whatever your preconceptions are about androids, throw them out the window before you meet Ballad Serenade. She’s rough and rowdy, fun-loving and fashion-forward, sexy and silly, kind and carefree. They’re a one-of-a-kind construct, and they’re here for a good time and a long time. She doesn’t know where, for what, or by whom she was created, but she does know that the life she’s lived since has propelled her in one direction: forward. Where her new position on the Calamity will take her, only time can tell.

Player: Jessica Negin
Actor: Satomi Ishihara
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Character Class: Solarian
Current Level: 1
Deity: Triune
Homeland: Akiton
Race: Android

Size: Medium
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: They/Them; She/Her
Age: 30 (claimed)
Height: 5’2″
Weight:  120 lb
Hair: Brown
Skin: Beige

Alignment Statement:

Life is messy, chaotic, unbridled, unhinged – so I, too, will live thusly. 

It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful. – Hiromu Arakawa



  • Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest. – Maya Angelou

Living Free

  • The moment someone has leverage on you, it’s time to slip away and find the means to turn it around on them. Never let another person hold something over your head.

Protecting What’s Important

  • The people I care about are my reason for living, and I will not let anyone hurt them.


Group Bond

  • I thought when I came to EJ corp I was going to be bored. I thought I wouldn’t care about the people I worked with – that they wouldn’t be of any use to me – but this crew is something special. These are talented people, and they deserve better than EJ corp. We’ve only been together on this ship for a year, but I can tell already that we’re going to accomplish big things together. I’m beyond excited to play my part, and I plan to protect this group with everything I have. 


  • Seren is vulnerable right now. Xhe’s clearly been running for quite some time, and now that xhe’s been found out, wants to run from us as well. I understand xher feelings, but in the past year, I’ve found boon companions in this crew. And I think if the both of us are to stand any chance of facing our pasts, we need to stick with the people we have now and face these things all together. We’re stronger as a unit, and I think we can trust them. I want to make sure xhe knows that, and that xhe won’t disappear on xher own and never get the chance to heal xher wounds. 


  • Friday knows I’m not telling him everything. He has a keener eye for these things than I gave him credit for, though I bear some of the blame for his suspicion after using my contacts to get us a better deal on those berries. I’ve shown my hand, and now it’s time to face the music and tell him just enough to satisfy his curiosity. But there are some things I simply can’t share. Not yet, at least. I just hope things don’t really hit the fan and give away the rest of my cards before I get the right chance to come clean. And I hope he’ll forgive me if worse comes to worst.

Miss Fanny

  • Miss Fanny has some interesting things up her sleeves, and I get the feeling that – much like the rest of this crew – she has some skeletons in her closet that she isn’t revealing just yet. I feel like there’s a deep well there, but perhaps not as deep as she’s pretending, either. I desperately want to know what her deal is, and find out what she’s hiding under that matronly exterior. 


  • Sinjin has made it big if Kiyohiro is correct. That doesn’t bode well for my future. I promised him I’d come back in desperation, knowing he wouldn’t help me otherwise, but if he’s a boss now, that means he might feel he’s in a position to “keep” me. I thought I would find a solution to this problem before he found me again, but I worry that by exposing myself in the Hive Market, I may have compromised my position. I have to do everything I can to stay hidden from him. 


Short Term Goal

  • Take on the GL and get the people coming after Seren and I off our backs

Mid Term Goal

  • Help Friday save his family 
  • Break free from EJ corp 

Long Term Goal

  • Find out who created me and for what purpose

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