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Co-Host Love Letter: Jess

Kay O'Connor February 23, 2019 281

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So I get to kind of be the odd one out on some of these. I live up in Portland an everyone else lives in Northern California, so I don’t get to spend much time with them. I haven’t even met Angel or Jess in person, and it wasn’t until a couple months ago that I met Abbie. She and Dustin came up for my birthday ♡ but I have yet to get to hug Jess and Angel despite how much I’d love to. So for me, much or our friendships come from wonderful conversations and just getting to know each other through gameplay. So here we go my cast love letters:


Jess is the player I strive to be one day. She is almost always the one that calls out the mistakes if there is one, even if it’s her own, and just totally owns it. I recently listened back from the beginning to where we are now, and let me tell you how big of a difference it has made to have Jess in the game with us. She adds an element I didn’t know we needed, and then BAM there she was, and she was everything. We interviewed a few people to bring on as an additional player when we realized we were going to need the help. She was the one, no contest. I remember Dustin and I doing the interview and Abbie came in late. We were worried that whoever we chose would be drowned out by how obnoxious Abbie and I can be, but girl held her own. She wasn’t even phased and has just been an absolute joy to play with.

We all had to get to know Jess and figure her out mainly through gameplay, but as some people know I aggressively friend people, so I made a goal to befriend our resident hermit (Jess). I can only hope that she knows that we are friends now and she doesn’t really get a choice in the matter (sorry not sorry Jess). I hope in the very near future I will get a chance to see her in person and make up for the months of hugs that she has missed out on.

Don’t even get me started on Menet. If Menet miraculously jumped out of a portal into our world, I would drop everything and hop into her big strong arms never to be seen again. Menet is the kind of character that is made of so many layers, and I’m always ecstatic when we find out something new. Jess picked the perfect voice for her, and it’s all just so fabulous. I basically play constantly swooning over Menet. It’s fine.

One of my favorite things about Jess is that when we are playing, I can almost always rely on her to laugh at the same dumb stuff that I do. Sometimes we will be playing, and I’m stifling laughter and I look up, and Jess is too, which then turns into both of us bursting out laughing because we have not an ounce of self-control between the two of us. She is such a blessing, and I am so glad I have someone to talk to about magical girls and gay trash.

I don’t even know what I did before she joined us. Nothing nearly as funny, that’s what.

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