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Miss Fanny (Rhalora Reisora) – Level 1

fantasticworldspod April 20, 2021 291

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Art by arabird_art on instagram

Miss Fanny

Every universe has a Miss Fanny. You know her. She cuts the crusts off your sandwiches and always reminds you to take a sweater with you because it is cold outside. For Miss Fanny, empathy is the power of connection. Don’t get her wrong; she is not under the illusion that the world is a perfect place; she has seen her share of cruelty. Due to her physiology, chances are she has walked a mile in your shoes and, therefore, will always have an
empathic ear to hero and villain alike: an ear and a slice of pie.

Player: Angel Espinoza
Actor: Libertad Lamarque
Alignment: Neutral Good
Character Class: Technomancer
Current Level: 1
Deity: Weydan, Eloritu
Homeland: Absalom Station
Race: 4 Armed Humanoid (Astrazoan)

Size: Medium
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: They/Them; She/Her
Age: 71
Height: 5’3″
Weight:  180 lbs
Hair: Grey
Skin: Light ruddy/brown

Alignment Statement:

A year ago I was your adversary. Yesterday I was your neighbor. At this moment I am your ally. Tomorrow I will be you. You have my anger, love, compassion, disdain, and endless admiration.


Fly a mile in their ship 

  • Every individual has a unique experience in the cosmos. Their experience is valid and represents their own truth. Your experience may intermingle or clash with others, influence or be influenced. What it wont do is invalidate or poison it. Honor the form and seek first to understand the experience. Though you may change in the next instance, to thy own self be true.

Fly beyond the stars

  • Every world has a wealth of knowledge, sights, sounds, and cultures. Every solar system is a light with innovation, life, and unturned stones. Perpetual discovery and exploration is the lifeblood of the universe. What hidden wonders can be found in the vast beyond? Let us fly beyond the stars and find out!

Live Free or Die

  • Life forms are not meant to live under the heel, sole, or tentacle of others. Slavery is abhorrent plain and simple. Empathy, understanding, and compassion ends there.



  • His eyes flicker momentarily with familial concern as he pulls up his sleeve to assist the crew with their work. The casual gait blended with knotted shoulders. Friday is one of many siblings who is used to looking after others.
  • Captain, command thyself – The crew is a family in the eyes of the captain. They provide him a sense of normalcy and provide comfort in the absence of their own. Thinking of others is a wonderful quality, but he can and should want things for himself and put himself first from time to time.
  • Heavy is the seat – The captain takes care of the crew. Who takes care of the captain? No need to guess. The captain needs taking care of. Maybe fluffing his pillows is a tad overboard, I suppose he can do that on his own. He is a big boy after all.


  • The specific hue of their lumination and lattice formation indicates trauma of some sort during their formative years. Xhe also has incredible resilience. I wish I had been like xer in my youth.
  • A diamond in the rough – I’ve become too comfortable cooking in the background. I’m grateful for Seren’s companionship. The entire crew is a delight, however Seren’s visits to view “Live! Danger! Extreme! Starring Zo!”! is the highlight of my week. I’ll have them hooked on “Sheesket Haak Luag” the best vesk soap opera out there.
  • Sharp as toranium ops module – Seren is best xerself among engines, relays, and magnanspanners. What brilliance. I have loved engineering since my military days and know my way around subcircits and boridium plating. I look forward to learning more from xer.


  • Her movements are too perfect. There is a practiced and honed cadence to their step. Their palate is extremely refined and their knowledge of flavor combinations is vast. What a fierce combatant, she would have loved my military unit. There is a lot of life energy in that short frame. Almost too much for one life form.They would pull off an aged form much better than I.
  • Cat ears, cat purr- Ballad is beyond adorable. And much like the feline style she enjoys, she is highly independent. I feel she has blossomed in her time with this crew, forming unexpected bonds. It is not my place to deepen her bonds with others, but Miss Fanny seems the type to meddle. Yes, that sounds right.
  • A shapeshifter knows a shapeshifter – What forms has this wonderful creature taken in the past, what parts of their natural form took root in this new form. This of course works the other way around. I by no means am a wizened small humanoid. The time will come for us to share our stories and experiences. 
  • Cat claws – Violence is never the answer. Except when it is. There is a time for Miss Fanny to be meek, and there is time for her to break open a pressurised canister of chanclas. I wonder if Ballad would be willing to show this “old gel” some new tricks.


  • This vessel is home but clearly was not built for the various species of the galaxy. I should not have had to modify so many areas to allow comfort for a Shimreen. There are plenty more modifications needed to make this vessel truly homey. The time may come to Miss Fanny to adapt in order to upgrade for the greater good.

Personal Bonds

  • Be the change – There are things I can control, there are things I cannot. Joy and cruelty both exist in this multiverse. Change is my constant, and I will be the change I want to see in the ‘verse.
  • No place like home – The Reisora household will remain in my heart and is what I picture as home, the good and the bad. I could attempt to lie to myself and pretend I did not want to be known by biological progenitors. My is said to be rare. We are by no means easy to spot. Could we have crossed paths already. One day I will have the time, no, the courage to look for them.


Short Term Goals

  • Keep morale up as best as you are able
  • Help Runo
  • Help the crew with their EJ troubles
  • Truly understand the experiences of an elderly humanoid form
  • Open up to the idea of using their abilities for the crew

Mid Term Goals

  • Explore a powerfly physical form
  • Explore flight form
  • Reconnect with parents

Long Term Goals

  • Courtship of Vesk hunk
  • Develop diplomatic skills
  • Find bio units

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