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Fairy Tale Fix
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Fairy Tale Fix

68: Be Little, Do Crime

fantasticworldspod August 7, 2023

#SwampWitchSummer is officially over and we’re back to give you some extremely WTF fairy tales! Kelsey fulfills her promise of making everyone uncomfortable with the indigenous Ponca-Otoe tale Teeth In The Wrong Places, and lightens it up a bit with indigenous Flathead folk tale Coyote Kills the Giant. Abbie randomly […]

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Gay at the Table

fantasticworldspod June 18, 2021

As the Fantastic Worlds Team celebrates Pride, we want to reflect a little on what having this avenue for expressing our queerness (and allyship) has meant to all of us in our tabletop gaming experiences. It’s been fun, it’s been transformative, it’s been a refuge, and it’s important to us […]

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