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Seren Casurus – Level 1

fantasticworldspod April 6, 2021 313

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Art by arabird_art on instagram

Seren Casurus

A descendant of elementals born on a planet battered by violent elemental storms. Seren has been on the run for as long as xhe can remember with only xer trusty JamBot by xer side. After finding a home with the Calamity crew, Seren’s past has finally caught up with xer. Maybe it’s time to quit running.

Player: Heidi Owens
Actor: Melisanthi Mahut (for voice and motion capture)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Character Class: Mechanic
Current Level: 1
Deity: Weydan
Homeland: Shimransara
Race: Shimreen

Size: Medium
Gender: Agender
Pronouns: Xhe/xer
Age: 31
Height: 7’5″
Weight:  250 lb
Hair: No
Skin: Indigo crystals with sparkling lights inside

Alignment Statement:

I’ve been hurt and have been helped by people on both sides of the law. I’ve learned enough to know that I don’t want to hurt anyone I don’t have to, and I’ll help those I can. I just hope that when this all shakes out the people in power will look kindly on me …



  • Family is the people you choose to keep in your life because they’re good to you. I will protect them at all costs, even if it means my own safety. 

Critical thinking:

  • I’ve been in a lot of situations where I have had to rely on nothing but my multi tool and my mind to get by. There’s nothing I can’t solve if I think hard enough about it.


 Group bond

  • The Calamity has been my home for the last 8 years and people have come and gone, but Friday and Miss Fanny seem like people I can trust to not abandon me. I’m generally okay being left alone with the engine, making sure that the ship runs its best whether I’m here or not.  


  • Friday saw me at one of the lowest points in my life. Right after my terraforming job when I was scared and struggling with my grasp on reality, he let me join his crew. I have a lot to learn from him about being stable and supportive. 
  • I don’t know if I can trust that he’s not going to abandon me once he knows the full details of my past, but I’m willing to risk my rocks if he wants to give me the time of day.

Miss Fanny

  • Miss Fanny is complicated. She feels like a mother figure and someone I can go to when I’m upset. But my own Mother was so absent while I was growing up that I feel awkward with how much Miss Fanny dotes on me. Besides, how does she always know what rocks taste the best and just how to get abrasions off my crystals. 
  • I look forward to catching every episode of “Live! Danger! Extreme! Starring Zo!” every week with Miss Fanny.


  • Ballad is new to the group and I’m unsure of their place in our dynamic, but she joined the crew and that makes them family for now. 
  • It seems Ballad and I have shared history of which I was unaware. I’m taking a chance letting her get this close to me and it scares my latticework to let someone see me so vulnerable. 


  • Jambot is my oldest friend. I made them out of scrap as a kid on Absalom Station And have been upgrading them ever since. They’re the only one I’ve ever felt comfortable talking to about my fears because I know they won’t leave me.


  • I’ve spent years making sure this ship keeps running. With the upgrades and modifications I’ve made, she’ll work long after I’ve left. 


  • Shan saved my life and I’ve loved staying in contact with her, but it’s been a while since I heard from her and I’m starting to get worried. 


  • I’ve had too many people leave me and I can’t trust anyone to stay if they knew who I really am. I get upset too easily and am ready to go if it ever looks like they’re going to betray me. 
  • I haven’t been this close to my Mother since I was 8 standard years old and I feel pulled to track zer down and ask zer what ze was thinking but I doubt ze’ll ever give me a real response.


Short term goal

  • I want to get back off the radar and avoid further notice by the Golden League or the Disciples of Grace so that one day I can retire to a world without any water where I can be alone. 
  • I want to get some new pieces to upgrade Jam bot’s speaker system so that I can enjoy the highest quality version of Star Sugar Heartlove’s newest album. 
  • Abadarcorp is releasing the newest in their line of furry friends toys and haven’t said what it’s going to be yet and I need to get one on release day. 

Mid Term Goal

  • This crew has shown me that I might have run away too quickly from Dade and I want to figure out how to apologize for what I did to her.

Long Term Goal

  • I want to reconnect with my mother and figure out what ze has been running from all this time.

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