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Fairy Tale Fix
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Fairy Tale Fix

69: Just Say Cat!

fantasticworldspod August 21, 2023

Your chances of being killed by a pony are small, but never 0, as the protagonists of the French story The Goblin Pony discover in Abbie’s tale this episode. Kelsey follows up with the Swiss tale of Pussycat Twinkle, his badass wife Snowflake, and a self absorbed serial killer wizard.

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FWP Characters

Labeling the Container

Abbie Lammel September 5, 2018

  Dustin and I went and got tattoos together in July (pictured above) and no lie, that was easily the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done. Yes, I’m including starting an actual play Pathfinder podcast with my friends online in my estimation of that. We both got watercolor D20 tattoos and, […]

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