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True Friendship and the Acquisition of a Small Gremlin

Kay O'Connor July 26, 2019 119 1

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I think for anyone who has spent more than five minutes in my presence, or has listened to our podcast, knows how much I love my cat. For those of you who are new here, her name is Muta, and she’s a sphynx cat. My partner Shannon and I decided about 4 years ago that we really wanted one, but couldn’t justify buying one from a breeder. So we waited… for years.

We had one small dog at the time and had lost our other dog about a year prior; the grieving period had subsided. We had given up on the idea of finding a sphynx in a shelter and had settled on getting a sweet little fur baby. So I began an exhaustive search for a cat. This consisted mainly of spending almost every free moment I had on the local shelter website. I’m talking like every few minutes I’d refresh the page. In retrospect, it was kind of insane. But it was due to this diligence that we lucked out.

A cute sphinx cat being held

One day while we were out of town, about an hour away, taking care of some errands I had sat down and scrolled through the list of sweet little kitters but no one new popped up. So I closed my phone and returned to the task at hand. Roughly five minutes later, I sat down and pulled out my phone again while Shannon talked to someone and pulled up the site. I made it about halfway down the page, and there she was in all her naked glory. Her name had been Isabell. I made an indescribable sound and launched myself out of the chair frantically signing at Shannon, which is apparently what I do when my mouth fails me. She stared at me like I’d lost my mind. I ran over to her and shoved my phone at her. She saw the sweet little face on the screen and told me to go outside, call them, have them put her on hold, and we’d be there as soon as physically possible. I ran outside and called, but was told they didn’t put animals on hold. My heart sank; there was no way we’d make it in time.

But we decided to try.

We jumped in the car and began the hour-plus drive home, frantically hoping that we’d get there first. But I think we both knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Enter Avalon and Aubrey.

Kay and some cool peeps

These are two of my best friends, who at this point in time we’d just recently met at a boat party that Shannon’s work had put on. We’d probably hung out one other time outside of that. By I knew they would accept this quest. I told Shannon to text Aubrey and ask them to go to the shelter. Shannon insisted that we hadn’t been friends long enough and that it would be weird. So I, of course, ignored her and used voice to text to explain the situation. I knew Aubrey would be at home working, but I had to try.

I received a text back. She told me they would be out the door as soon as Avalon put on some pants, and off they went. We implored them to just sit in a visitation room with her, tell all interested parties she was mean and stinky and scare everyone away. These two beautiful angels waited at the shelter for an hour as we drove north.

Upon arrival to the shelter, they had our paperwork ready with a buzzer in hand to indicate when she would be ready to meet. We were the first in line, but not the only ones. Three more people had showed up. Two more showed up through the process of adopting her.

And let me tell you, it was love at first sight. The first thing I saw was her abnormally fluffy butt, and her sad little tail. They warned us that she was shy, but the moment she was on the floor she crawled into our laps and it was done. With no supplies at all we brought her home. Shannon stayed with her while I ran to the store and bought everything from cat food to a litter box to a cat tree. We were so completely unprepared, but it was the best decision of my life.

From that moment forward Avalon, Aubrey, Shannon, and I have become incredibly close, and I’m happy to say that they were very honored to accept our request that they be Muta’s Godmothers.

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  1. Shelley on July 27, 2019

    Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story of true love and friendship! Makes me incredibly happy to know that you are surrounded by such stellar people.

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