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Kay O'Connor April 9, 2019 56

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I don’t know if I’ve said this enough, but there are two things that are very important to me and my life: pink things and cute things. My poor partner puts up with so much and has essentially given up an accepted that our whole house is slowly turning pink. Y’all should see my set up for the podcast. It’s all pink and Sailor Moon, actually see the pictures on the article that I’ve attached just so you can understand the extent of shit I’m talking about here. Cute and pink shit is my life.

So of course if I’m going to have a badass gunslinger, I had to find a way to sneak that in there. Clearly. Pink was a bit easier as I convinced Dustin to let me have her hair be pink (which he was very agreeable to by the way). 

That left the matter of figuring out something cute. I honestly really struggled coming up with something original. But when Dustin and I decided to make her partially deaf, it made sense that she would have something to help her in her adventures. Dustin mentioned that Angel had figured out how to animate a teddy bear in a previous game they had played, and I was instantly sold. Angel walked me through building him, and the rest is history.

Creating his personality and mannerisms was a little more troublesome. I wanted him to be cute but also allowed times for him to be a bit unhinged. I have not kept it a secret that I am obsessed with Bee and Puppycat, so Puppycat was the incredible inspiration on how to do that. If you haven’t watched that show yet, you are doing something wrong with your life and should go do that immediately by the way. It’s brilliant and beautiful.

Jim basically became Odessa’s eternal sidekick. Aside from being her service creature, he has been her only constant companion through her trauma and continuous need to run away from her problems. Through thick and thin he’s been right there on her shoulder.

We are slowly learning more about him and his history (because really what even is Jim?) the more we play and the more I’m willing to reveal. The parts of Jim I created are all so intricate, and I don’t even know what Dustin has up his sleeve. He’s clearly an anomaly, and I am so pleased with how he is turning out.

So far we’ve learned that Odessa’s dad made him for her after a misfire from her father’s gun left her deaf in one ear. But then with the scene with the black knight, I’m sure there are even more questions about what Jim actually is or where he came from. Plus now that we’ve learned that Pippa can speak with him there are certainly some questions about why she got such a different side of him than Odessa does. Much to my despair we also got to see what happens if Jim and Odessa are separated. Which as you all probably remember was a lot of rage and yelling at everyone to speak louder. I assure you we have answers to the question “what is Jim?!”, and that our angry yet cute little friend will reveal his secrets as the story progresses. Unfortunately for you all I am not willing to give up his secrets just yet.

It’s been great having two characters to play off of, and fun to see the other cast members contribute to his actions in game. I think he’s added an element to the story that I wasn’t expecting, but I am so glad that this has been the result.

Artwork by Corpsecutie on Instagram

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