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Abraxas Hillrunner – Level 7

fantasticworldspod May 7, 2020 202

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Abraxas Hillrunner

Much of his childhood was spent in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Therefore, he was more than thrilled when he heard and answered the call to serve the natural world. Since then he has traveled far from his homeland and his beloved family.

Abraxas revels in travel and exploration. Because of his upbringing, he is most at home in the hills and mountainous terrain. He is also comfortable with the cold. He spends much of his time in the wilderness, and that is the way he likes it. He is easy going and inquisitive; useful traits for a traveler. His calling keeps him primarily in the wilds. He can be quite the fish out of water on the rare visit to “civilization.”

Artwork by the amazing Ara (arabird_art on Instagram)

Player: Angel Espinoza
Actor: Karl Urban
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
Character Class: Artic Druid
Current Level: 7
Deity: The Green Faith
Homeland: Ulfen
Race: Natural Werewolf

Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: Desnus 12 4684 AR
Weight: 173 lb
Hair: Dark brown, sun damaged
Skin: Tan

Alignment Statement:

“When nature calls, I reply. When nature speaks, I listen. And when nature angers, I destroy.” (d20pfsrd.com Publishing, Call of the Wild)


His sacred duty is to serve nature. He has been called by the natural forces of Golarion. They are worthy of attention and respect. His oath to it must come first. When not in conflict with his sacred duty, he holds the wisdom of the law of the pack.

His ancestors traveled the entire span of the Kodar mountain. Travel is in his blood. He delights in discovery and adventure.

All things exist in balance. As the sun rises, so too it must set. He eats the flesh of his prey as he in turn will be devoured. Magic is the gift of his devotion; he will use it to harm or heal. The undead are an affront to nature and must be destroyed or laid to rest.


  • Guile, Innovation, and Intigue. Pippa can enhant without the virtue of magic. How wonderful would it be to gracefuly dance around the truth and fiction.
  • Fang, fur, and the elements have served me on my travels. I may have to adapt to ensure Pippa and I can weather any menance.
  • I came into this world possesing destructive powers. One bite could transform a pacifist into a bloodthirsty creature. The strenght I draw from the natural world can create a mist or unleash a malestrom. Pippa’s enchanting and destructive powers are growing. She did not have the mentors I now see I was fortunate to have, she cannot hear the encouraging whispers of the frost, the wisdom of the mountains. I hope I can provide her the confidance and courage to dance in the tempest and embrace her own claws and fangs.
  • Is Andromeda a witch in sheep’s clothing or yet another victim of Irrisen’s wickedness. Best keep her close and find out. One way or another my curiosity or hunger will be sated.
  • The moon is a mixed blessing to my people. It provides light for the hunt, it grants us power in all our forms. It also empowers the bitter sting of silver and drives those we bite into madness. This Hearald seems diffrent from the Irresseni I have encountered. Will they prove a mixed blessing?

Retired Bonds:

  • Pippa can harness powerful arcane forces. My hope is she balances its protective and destructive potential.
  • Some darkness or sorrow wounded Odessa early in life; I will make sure she knows she is safe in the pack.
  • Since Menet joins me in the den (i.e., embraces my natural spirit), I will endevour to join her in the temple (i.e., embrace her spiritual nature).
  • Odessa saved my life at the lighthouse; I will preserve her life. – Resolved
  • Odessa’s eyes can find both beauty and the perfect spot to aim for; she may become a trusted ally – Resolved
  • Odessa can talk to anyone; I have much to learn from her.
  • Pippa can talk to anyone; I have much to learn from her. – Resolved
  • Pippa knows that you don’t need a title or badge to dispense frontier justice; she may become a trusted ally. – Resolved
  • Pippa could have met a watery end; I will help her survive the dangers of wilds. – Resolved
Artwork by the talented Jjo (p4ndster on Instagram)

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