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My Gamer Niños

Angel Espinoza April 25, 2019 32 2

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I run a game for my little (in my eyes) nephews and niece when I can. The experience is out of this world. It is fun to see their different personalities as they take on their characters’ personas.

Let me start off with character backgrounds. They usually play as siblings, which I think is cute. As a GM that makes it extremely easy to start them on their adventure. My favorite was their background as royals. The eldest was a lord and a blacksmith; a noble of the people I suppose. The middle child went the thief route. The youngest was the princess and the party healer. They didn’t spend most of their time in the palace. Even as new players, they knew they would be hitting the road soon.

The gear was my favorite thing to see. Their weapon selections revolved solely on looks and theme. The eldest selected a scythe and dagger. Next, the party thief. He went for a dagger and shortbow. The youngest couldn’t read any of the weapon entries and requested a glittery wand. Easy enough to give her a custom magic item.

The eldest loaded up on rope, rations, and torches. My other nephew made sure he had sacks for his loot. My niece wanted a unicorn. Fun times.

Once they got started on their journey, I was even more thrilled to hear their combat moves. If they wanted to stab somebody they went with the weapon that “felt” face-stabby. Damage dice never factored into their role-playing. It was awesome. They
would take the attack of opportunity if it meant they could deliver a headbutt.


Years before the podcast, these kids were truly living the “story first, math second” life. I learned more from these young #worldstravelers in one Christmas break than a whole year of gaming.

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  1. Maya on April 27, 2019

    What you do . Helps them use their imagination the love ❤️ they have for you is out of this world.. you are Amazing

  2. IJ on April 28, 2019

    I’ll never forget those times I thank you tio for always making us feel more than we could ever feel playing video games

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