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Pippa Locksley – Level 7

fantasticworldspod May 7, 2020 199

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Art by: corpsecutie on instagram, erikathegoober on instagram, arabird_art on instagram

Pippa Locksley

Pippa Locksley was born the youngest daughter of two innkeepers in Northern Taldor. She’s 35 years old and the “mom” friend. She isn’t overly fond of camping, but loves to travel. She’s a bit vain, very prideful and curious to a fault. She’s more of a con artist than a traditional thief –  she swindles the hell out of most nobles and rich folks she encounters. If there’s something she really wants though, she’ll find a way to get it!

More importantly, Pippa’s a bit of a do-gooder and often involves herself in trouble in the towns she and her companions visit out of a sense of frontier justice and a distrust that nobles will actually protect the people under their rule.

Player: Abbie Lammel
Actor: Natalie Dormer
Alignment: Chaotic Good 
Character Class: Rogue
Current Level: 7
Deity: Calista 
Homeland: Taldor
Race: Halfling

Size: Small
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Birthday: Oathday, Rova 22 4678 AR
Height: 2’8″
Weight: 73 lb
Hair: Blonde
Skin: White

Alignment Statement:

Most laws exist to protect and enforce the status of those in power, and breaking them in the service of regular people or mine and my companions comfort (preferably both) is the right thing to do.


  1. Pippa protects her own above all others. From her informants to her landlady in her townhouse in the capital city to her butler to the guy who fences her “repatriated” artifacts she takes an interest in their lives and troubles.
  2. Pippa is prideful. She knows she’s worth about 10 of any mark or enemy she comes across.
  3. She believes in eye for an eye justice, and if someone has been wronged in her view she will extract exact punishment
  4. Sorcerers and wizards are Trouble, and should be given a wide berth. However, magic is wondrous and fascinating and strange.
  5. If she can’t do something smart, Pippa will do something right


  • Odessa and Menet – it’s hard to believe we only knew each other a short time, but bonds formed in blood and duty do not fade easily. If I survive this, I will not rest until I’ve discovered what happened to you and try to bring you home.
  • This hut is not fit for living in as non evil ancient hags. Some improvements must be made. 
  • I have acquired a cat with my face. I am attempting to be in deep denial about this, but at the same time I know I should utilize her and learn how she can further our quest. 
  • I must remember that in this environment and when dealing with magic, Abraxas knows far more than I and this both comforts and frightens me – should I reveal the expansion of my inner room? 
  • I have struck a bargain with a witch, and I’m terrified of Abraxas finding out. 
  • I must remember that in this environment and when dealing with magic, Abraxas knows far more than I and I must let him lead and teach me.
  • Abraxas has been so kind to me, allowing me to ride him when I can’t keep up and bolstering me in times of fear. I must think of something I can do to show him how much I appreciate his friendship – perhaps a giant pile of exotic meats?
  • Andromeda is someone else who’s powers just appeared, who also is spoken to by mysterious other beings. Perhaps we can offer each other support in this area. 
  • Andromeda is powerful in combat but HELPLESS in most other situations and I’m not sure I trust her judgement. HOW did she get wrapped up in this – I must know and she is frustratingly vague about it. 
  • Buwon is clearly exactly the style of friend that I used to covet – monied, well-read, with excellent manners and clearly well connected. I look forward to opportunities to enjoy the finer things (where they can be found) with him.
  • That said, Buwon’s connections are based in Irrisen, and he mentioned he has “worked with” Halflings in the past, a situation that would be very odd indeed in Irrisen from what I know of my mother’s time here and the reactions I’ve gotten from the locals. I need to find out more about where he comes from, and why he was in Whitethrone.
  • Is Buwon a mark or a partner? Friend or foe? Can he be trusted with our mission and with the lives of my companions? I’m going to watch him carefully until he does something to prove he can be trusted, geas or no. 

Personal Bond

I accepted a bargain with Maryusa to restore my powers and grant me a new gift. This led to me being able to save the lives of my companions when we were at our weakest and accomplish the vendetta I took on behalf of the people of Waldsby. I know there will be consequences but I can’t bring myself to regret it. Should I continue to explore the room to accomplish my other vendettas?

Retired Bonds

  • Of the original four of us who set out on the quest, Abraxas and I are the only ones who remain. We’re both feeling their loss keenly I know, and I’m afraid to let him out of my sight. 
  • Odessa proved herself a trustworthy ally and a good friend to me when she helped me out of a rough spot a few weeks ago. I want to prove myself and equally trustworthy friend to her as we continue to travel together.
  • I’m really, really, REALLY curious about Odessa’s “gun”. I want her to let me fire it. Just once.
  • Abraxas is a fascinating combination of ferocity and guilelessness that I find precious and worth protecting. I want to teach him about my world, but not let it touch him too much.
  • I want to learn as much about him and his homeland as possible. I have always been fascinated by the wild north, and have never met a druid – I must know everything! – Resolved
  • Abraxas has told me much about his homeland in our weeks of travel together and now we are heading there. Something that fills me with both wonder and terror. I must remember that in this environment Abraxas knows more than I do and I have to let him lead and teach me now.
  • Menet is like a character out of one of my mother’s stories! Strong, noble, open and brave – having her come with us makes me feel more able to come out of this adventure alive. She gives away money like it doesn’t matter and will bankrupt us quickly if I don’t keep an eye on it.
  • Menet charged ahead of the party toward the sound of screams, which is a noble reaction, but a highly impractical one. I fear that one day she will either walk into a trap with no one able to reach her in time, or that she will give away our position at the wrong moment.
  • Odessa has been struggling all this time with her addiction, and I was too blinded with my own ambitions to see the truth. I must try to be a better friend to her, and help her lance this wound at the core of her heart.
  • My faith and own experience tells me that solace and blissful distraction can often be found in a night of passion with a beautiful lover – a sentiment I know Odessa shares. I should wingwoman her if we get an opportunity at a tavern where we aren’t being attacked by the proprietors.
  • I hope that while spending time in Abraxas’s presence and observing and speaking with him I can learn to accept and better control these changes to my nature, and the possibility of wilder heritage than I had thought.
  • Menet gives away money like it doesn’t matter and will bankrupt us quickly if I don’t keep an eye on it.
  • Menet is brave and true and good, and does nothing without cause or without reason. Of all of us, she is perhaps the most clear minded about our mission – I would do well to heed her instincts in the future and not let my past associations with priests and paladins cloud my judgement of her character.
  • Menet recently confided in me that she is unused to this sort of fear in the face of such overwhelming danger and the odds that not all of us will make it to see this quest finished. I want to find a way to cheer her up, and remind her that she is more than equal to this task.

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