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Episode 01 – This is How We Get Bandits – Remastered

Dustin Alexander August 21, 2018 1635

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Episode 1 of The Fantastic Worlds Podcast is here! Let’s meet our heroes: Pippa Locksley (Abbie), the bougie thief with a heart of gold, Abraxas Hillrunner (Angel), the socially-awkward winter druid, and Odessa Granade (Kay), the mysterious and sassy gunslinger and her living teddy bear Jim.

Our adventure starts in Taldor, but you’ll have to listen to find out where it leads! Join us as our heroes meet nobles, talk to guards with weird names (cough, cough Illin Orstag), and learn that they may be contending with the influence of Irrisen, the fabled land of everlasting winter.

Other happenings: Abraxas eats a lot of meat, Odessa scores with the blacksmith’s daughter, Pippa says “winter-touched” but it sounds like “wiener-touched,” and Dustin (AKA Game Dad) gets angry at the party for semi-breaking the fourth wall.

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