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Menet Serbana – Level 2

Dustin Alexander September 11, 2018 774

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Menet Serbanea

Menet is a half-Garundi, half-Varisian woman who has spent half of her life in Osirion, and half traveling with a Varisian caravan. As a working class child in Osirion, she learned of Khepri, who she worshipped devotedly from the moment she was given a choice. As a Paladin of Khepri, she fights for the working folk, those oppressed by the nobility and without the means to fight for themselves.


Menet has felt an undeniable wanderlust in her heart from a very young age. She adapts quickly to new terrains, and though she grew up under the harsh sun of Osirion, she’s just as comfortable in the colder climes of Irrisen.

Player: Jessica Negin
Alignment: Lawful Good 
Character Class: Paladin
Current Level: 2
Deity: Kehpri
Homeland: Osirion
Race: Human

Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Birthday: Abadius 20 4681 AR
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 170 lb
Hair: Black and Curly
Skin: Brown

Character Sheet: 

Menet Serbanea – Level 2

Alignment Statement:

“At the end of the day, I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. If that makes me an outlaw, so be it. I’ve been called worse.” – Angela Parkhurst, Forget Me Not


“God made this money – the fresh air, too – for his children’s use. He never made the difference between poor and rich.” – Rebecca Harding Davis, Life in the Iron Mills and Other Stories



None who may be redeemed should be imprisoned, and none should be restricted by circumstance. Menet believes that only the most heinous criminals deserve to be in a cage, and even they may be redeemed under different circumstances.


Menet believes that all who live deserve that life, and deserve the basic necessities of life. Every person should be provided shelter, food, and healing, and she will do her best to help those who go without.


Born of the migratory Garundi and caravaneering Varisians, Menet’s proclivity for travel and adventure is in her blood. She feels most at home on the road, and especially in locales that differ greatly from Osirion.


Menet has never been a woman of prodigious means. She has cobbled together a suit of armor, acquired weaponry second-hand, and basically scraped by since birth. She knows she looks nothing like the shining Paladins of Iomedae or Desna, but she also knows that people look to her for hope. She will never show self-consciousness about her patchwork armor, nor her well-worn weapons, whether she feels distressed by them or not. She exudes confidence regardless of her circumstances, and hopes to inspire confidence in those she serves – the poor and downtrodden.


  • Pippa and I have similar aims, I want to help her to reach her goals.
  • Pippa has a hunger for wealth, I want to dissuade her from pursuing coin as it is a corrupting force. I believe we should both be aiming to dismantle the system that requires it and creates such disparity between people based on earthly goods.
  • Odessa is sensitive under that hard outer shell, and I want to protect her from the things in the world that will cause her psychological or physical pain.
  • Odessa hides her feelings, I want to help her become comfortable being vulnerable, at least with her friends.
  • Abraxas is unabashedly himself, and I never want him to feel that he needs to be otherwise. I want to protect his innocence and prevent him from becoming self-conscious in a world that will judge him.
  • Abraxas is knowledgeable about nature and traveling through wild areas, I want to learn how to be as helpful when traveling outside of cities (and without wagons and the relative comfort of the caravan).

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