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Taking time to find the right fit. Creating Menet.

Dustin Alexander September 13, 2018 46

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When I began creating characters for the podcast, I ran into several stumbling blocks. First, I created a Paladin who was, unbeknownst to me, remarkably similar to one on another actual play podcast. That was obviously out, and I had to say goodbye to a beautiful, sweet boy that I’d fallen in love with (RIP Keanu).


Then I started getting some pretty crazy ideas about a Cleric of an Outer God or a chaotic neutral Cleric of Nethys/Calistria/Naderi. All of that sounded really fun, but difficult to maintain. I became particularly obsessed with a Cleric of Yog-Sothoth I had written up, and had to come to terms with the fact that she was definitely not playable long-term. As for the others, I’ve played nothing but chaotic neutral sorcerers since the start of my Pathfinder tenure, so playing another CN caster felt too easy. They’ve been badass and very fun to play, sure, but I wasn’t stretching my legs at all. Though there are definitely many more avenues I would like to explore with such characters, but that’s best left for a different post.


Ultimately, after toying with a Paladin of Arshea (very fun), and a Paladin of Yuelral (a bit less fun), Dustin suggested the god Khepri to me. I wasn’t feeling a strong connection to any of my Paladins (even if the Paladin of Arshea seemed fun), so I wasn’t sure how I would feel trying to create yet another one. It became apparent immediately, however, that this was the one. Her backstory practically wrote itself.


A suave, Robin Hood-esque, freedom-fighting, half-Varisian, half-Garundi Paladin of the people sounded exactly like the character I wanted to play. I loved her, and I loved imagining how I would play her. She’s sexy, she’s laid back, she’s good-natured, she’s dashing, she’s fun, and she’s out of her damn mind. She’s a patchwork of ideas and archetypes that usually don’t fit inside the mold of a Paladin, but I think she’s perfect. We’ll see how she develops together, and I’m excited to take that journey with you!

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