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Why I Game – Abigail Lammel

Abbie Lammel August 21, 2018 240

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Short answer: I’ve always been a daydreamer. I’m a sucker for drama. And dragons. And aliens.

Longer answer: Sometimes functioning in the “real world” is an exhausting blur of work, bills, dentist appointments, and other mundane tasks or obligations. Roleplaying games let me disappear into a different place and become a different person for a few hours. It doesn’t hurt that this person is often exceptionally magical with fantastical problems.

When I was in college these games would last for several hours – sometimes all night long. As I’ve grown up we had to slow it waaaaaaay down but I still make sure I always cut a little time out of my week to game. It’s imaginative, fun, and something that you and your friends get to create together. Gaming is a way of connecting us to our inner child. It always brings up fond memories of playing pretend with my sister when we were growing up. Playing games that lasted for hours and devolved into long arguments about what a witch could actually “realistically” do.

And let’s face it – the real reason is that it’s damn cathartic having the option to light your enemies on fire instead of making nice with them at parties. Amirite?

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