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Why I Game – Angel Espinoza

Angel Espinoza August 21, 2018 51

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I was all about Saturday morning cartoons. Regardless of what time I went to bed the night before, I would start my weekend ritual at the crack of dawn in order catch the first show of my line up. There was no doubt in my mind: I would grow to be a cartoonist. I am currently employed as an Instructional Designer for a state agency. Not exactly in the animation business but my PowerPoint presentations are gorgeous. My Saturday line up no longer consist of Snorks, Muppet Babies, The Littles, Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Punk Brewser, Dungeons & Dragons, or Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. However, I still can recall that feeling of being part of an adventure, unraveling mysteries and foiling the villain. Those feelings still hold sway as I read a book, follow a favorite show, or on opening day of a long anticipated movie.

My mom would have never allowed a player’s handbook in the house when I was a child so I suppose it was good that I was introduced to the epic world of pen and paper RPGs in college. My first character was a lawful evil cleric of Vecna. I had the time of my life. Hanging out with a weird group of nerds that became my closest friends drinking heavily, staying up for 72 hours straight, and strategically casting blade barrier. Each new game gave me the opportunity to create a story for my characters. I was not an animator but I painted and breathed life into my creations.

Why do I game you ask? Why do you paint? Why do I host a weekly board game night? Why do you sail? It is FUN! Do you think reading is amazing? Try collaborative storytelling. Do you enjoy watching Supernatural? Roll yourself a fighter/rogue, romance it up with a cute Planetar, and fight evil alongside your tiefling brother.

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